Our mission to “Give Back”

To help the community, the environment and our local waters, we’re dedicated to returning 10% of our profits to ensure fishing is preserved for future generations …

The Tackle Truck was launched with a mission to help give back to the community and improve the environment around us. Born out of a passion for fishing and helping others, we see an opportunity to come alongside charities to drive positive change!

What is the plan?

We’re launching this program with the launch of the business, its an integral part of what we stand for! We have plans in the works, but need your help to reach our goals:

  • Cleanup Events*
  • Working with local charities
  • Working with local agencies to drive change

*We understand COVID is a major challenge in our lives today, so our plans are being developed with safety in mind.

Do you have any ideas or programs that we can assist with? We would love to hear from you!

Looking to help? In addition to our “Giving Back”, a portion of our revenue, we’re also looking for donations.